Adventures In Cross Compilation

Will Glozer -
Cross compilation can solve many of the complexities involved in building & testing executables for many different target systems

Visualizing Kubernetes Traffic

Evan Hazlett -
Using the Kentik Labs open source projects you can visualize Kubernetes network traffic without modifications.
Convis is an open source network visibility project demonstrating the use of BPF kprobes and tracepoints to attribute network traffic to process, container, and node.

Announcing Kentik Labs

Kentik -
Today we announce the launch of Kentik Labs, our new hub for the developer, DevOps and SRE community. With the tools we’re open sourcing, you’ll be able to observe key network telemetry for a competitive advantage.

Open-Sourcing Our Netdiag Crate

Will Glozer -
Kentik Labs is happy to announce the release of our first open-source Rust crate, netdiag, which provides scalable, asynchronous, implementations of a number of low-level network diagnostics including ping, trace, and a custom diagnostic we call knock.